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Turkey Furniture Industry sells furniture to China

Güleç said that the furniture sector used to make 60 percent of exports to Iraq and Libya and now that they accept the market as the whole world,

"Now, despite the decline in Iraqi and Libyan markets are almost 80 percent did not fall our exports. What have we done? Here we have new countries. Today, Turkey furniture industry sells furniture in China. Korea, Japan, USA, England furniture France, Germany, England, USA, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc. We sell furniture to 200 customs territories and there is world turmoil in the first 5. For example, one of the strong countries Vietnam. but we're just looking at the largest market in the United States. that is a dying industry that when trade disputes between the US and Turkey but our furniture industry is not so. Multi-as growing, so we're going an equal distance from all sides "

Güleç also pointed out that Chinese importers showed great interest in Turkish furniture in foreign trade fairs and said "Chinese people started to buy goods from us because the image of Turkish furniture started to rise and we started to sell as a brand".


Ahmet Güleç stated that there are 36 thousand producers in the furniture sector and added that "We have made 36 thousand of our producers export or do export in different periods. We give importance to them for our continuity in export. We are exporters exceeding 1 million dollars in furniture sector, we have increased by 10 percent every year from 400 to the latest 589. The fights we have made for about 6-7 years are increasing every year.